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About Me

I am Dalziel Leone, a counseling psychologist. My passion for psychology originates in childhood, but it did not emerge until later. I was diagnosed with depression when I was fourteen years old and throughout my teenage years, I struggled with suicidal ideation and attempts. Unfortunately, my support system had no understanding of anxiety or depression, and I was determined to heal. I started seeing a psychotherapist as I was taking my bachelor’s degree and I was finally able to tackle the deeper issues causing the depression and I learned valuable tools for psychological healing and growth. This was when I realized that my passion lies in psychology, and I therefore chose to pursue it. In the last decade, drawing experiences from my life, I have worked towards providing psychosocial support and advocating for mental health awareness and justice for marginalized and underserved communities.

I am sensitive to diverse cultures and well-versed in various psychological techniques. In my experience, I have come to understand that most of our mental health struggles stem from unresolved trauma and grief either from childhood, teenage years, or adult life. I have dedicated my time and energy in studying this extensively with the goal of supporting my clients in healing their trauma, grieve fully, and achieve psychological growth.

I draw inspiration from personal experiences and strive to make clients feel comfortable to open up and share while providing guidance in identifying aspects of their lives that we can work on. 

Healing, growth and living authentically is possible. 

If you are ready to take a step towards wellness, let’s talk.

Contact me on info[at]dalzieleone.com

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  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology – United States International University (USIU)
  • Certified Grief Educator – By David Kessler + Grief.com
  • Post-graduate Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies – Trauma Research Foundation
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) – Level I & II – EMDR Kenya Association
  • Kenya Psychological Association (KPsyA) Member
  • Kenya Counseling and Psychological Association (KCPA) Member
Certified Grief Educator

“The more we love ourselves, the less we project our pain onto the world.”

Louise Hay