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“Deep inside of us we all know there is someone we were meant to be.”

David Kessler

Hi! I’m Leone, a psychotherapist based in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are often made to believe that pursuing counseling is a sign of weakness. On the contrary, seeking support when we need it is a strength. It takes an incredible amount of courage to reach out for support when you need most. I commend you for taking the first step.

My goal is to help you heal, grow and live fully and authentically. I would like to walk with you as you learn new coping skills, gain insight, and integrate positive changes into your life.

I employ a holistic wellness approach where the focus is on body, mind and spirit. I am also keen in using an integrative approach that is evidence-based, towards holistic healing and with a trauma-informed lens. Every client deserves and receives services tailored to best suit their interpersonal style and challenges.

I believe that past experiences shape who we are and how we behave right now, but we have the power to alter our experiences in the here and now and redefine our future. Being aware of our past experiences and how they affected us; and making a conscious choice to integrate our experiences here in the present moment holds the key to healing and realizing our full potential.

Come let’s walk together and work towards a life you desire.

I’m excited to get to know you!